Updates on KIHC 2017

- The registration early birds has been extended to 01 Jun 2017! Hurry up and register for KIHC 2017. updated

Latest Updates on KIHC 2017

- New KIHC 2017 Video Promo is here!

- Revised KIHC 2017 Final Announcement flyer is available now.

- You can whatsapp us now! Please refer to the Contacts Info.

- Photovoice guidelines and form are in English with pdf links to Bahasa Malaysia too.

Latest Info on KIHC 2017!

KIHC 2017 official website has been updated!

Latest information on Pre Conference, Main Conference Programme, Online Registration, Payment Methods, Abstract Submission, Online Oral and Poster Submissions, Committees, Accommodation, Video Promo and Final Announcement Flyer are available for viewing.

Video Promo

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