Kelantan Health Conference 2019

Coming soon! Kelantan Health Conference 2019! Stay tuned for updates...

Updates on KIHC 2017 - 24th July 2017

- KIHC 2017 Pre Conference is currently in progress. Wishing the delegates a good and productive Pre Conference!

- KIHC 2017 Programme Book can be accessed. Please click on the link provided.



Updates on KIHC 2017 - 16 July 2017

- KIHC 2017 Online Registration has been closed. Thank you for your attention.


Updates on KIHC 2017 - 13 July 2017

- The workshop for "Primary Medicine at Primary Care" has been closed.


KIHC 2017 Updates - 07th June 2017

- The Online Registration Form has been amended to include updating delegates participation details feature. updated

Delegates who have registered previously for Pre Conference only or Main Conference only can update their participation details if they wish to participate in both Pre Conference or Main Conference. Please follow the following steps:-

1. Go to the Online Registration Form page.
2. Key in only the Identification Number/Passport Number and Email Address.
3. Click on the 'Submit Registration' button.
4. The page loads, the system would notify that the Identification Number/Passport Number exists in the system database.
5. Please click on the 'edit participation details' link below in the page.
6. The 'Updating Online Registration Form Participation Details' will be shown.
7. Fill in the details, then click on the 'Submit Update Participation Details' button below. Done.

- The Upload Proof of Payment Form has been amend to include upload payment proof for Pre Conference only, Main Conference only or both. updated


KIHC 2017 Latest Updates - 31st May 2017

- The itinerary for the Pre-Conference workshop 'BASIC ULTRASOUND IN OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGY' has been updated with new subjects. Check it out in the Pre Conference Programme and in the Pre Conference Pamphlet! updated


KIHC 2017 Latest Updates - 24th May 2017


- We have added the KIHC 2017 Pre Conference pamphlet for easy reference! Register now for KIHC 2017 Pre-Conference! new


Latest Updates on KIHC 2017

- New KIHC 2017 Video Promo is here!

- Revised KIHC 2017 Final Announcement flyer is available now.

- You can whatsapp us now! Please refer to the Contacts Info.

- Photovoice guidelines and form are in English with pdf links to Bahasa Malaysia too.

Latest Info on KIHC 2017!

KIHC 2017 official website has been updated!

Latest information on Pre Conference, Main Conference Programme, Online Registration, Payment Methods, Abstract Submission, Online Oral and Poster Submissions, Committees, Accommodation, Video Promo and Final Announcement Flyer are available for viewing.

Video Promo

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